Some time has passed since the OEC in Paderborn. We can look back on a great tournament with many happy memories. We hope you also experienced some great moments and enjoyed the OEC.

Here is a little Review.
 53 teams from 35 countries
 385 participants & 106 Coaches 
 22 languages where spoken 
 8 Referees
 40 Volunteers

 3500 pictures were made
 1064 chairs & 125 tables were used 
 Video stream with 499 requests at the same time
 11 competition tables 
 8 practice tables 
 29070 LEGO bricks were used
 12 hours robot game competition
 35 Judges 
 8  hours judging  in 9 different judging rooms and in the pits
 477 comments were written through the judges
 11 hours party at the OEC 2013
 about 28 hours music at the OEC
 about  6800l  softdrinks 
 about 2330 fruits
 about 2105 lunch meals
 491 medals & 37 Awards were given to the teams